Ways to Prepare Your Ellicott City Deck for Relaxation

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Spring or fall is the ideal time to stain your Ellicott City deck

Summer is here, and you can’t wait to spend a lot of time outdoors on your Ellicott City deck. You look forward to many campfires, smores, and interacting with friends and family. However, you must ensure that the deck is neat and safe for the season. We have a few tips to help you, whether you have a composite or wood deck.

Examine Your Ellicott City Deck

Inspect your entire deck, including underneath the deck. Examine the posts, stairs, railings, and joists for loose fasteners and rot. Moreover, there are likely still wood supporting things in place if you have composite or vinyl deck railings. So, you want to ensure that your posts are sturdy and that your Ellicott City deck isn’t moving in any way.

Cleaning is Key to Extend Your Deck’s Lifecycle

Furthermore, extend the life of your deck in your Ellicott City home by maintaining the deck’s surface clean. Also, use a stiff-bristled brush and a garden hose if you have a composite or wood deck. You can purchase deck cleaners at your local hardware store. However, avoid using a pressure washer for these types of decks.

In addition, you can use a pressure washer to clean vinyl decks. In most cases, using any cleaners for these decks is unnecessary because a thorough pressure washing is all you need.

Stain Your Ellicott City Deck

Moreover, spring or fall is the ideal time to stain your Ellicott City deck. Make sure to stain your wood deck out of the direct sunlight during the summer. Remember that the darker your deck surface, the hotter it will be to walk on under direct sunlight. Plus, the excess heat build-up from the darker stain will provoke the wood to splinter and crack quickly.

In addition, applying a deck stain in direct sun will make the paint dry out quickly and lead to early stain failure. Stain your deck either in the morning or evening in the summer, so the deck surface isn’t too hot. Your deck’s surface temperature can be hotter than the air temperature. Alternatively, you can always replace your current deck with a low-maintenance deck from the leading deck builder in Ellicott City, Deck Pro.

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