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Catonsville, MD – Custom Paver Walkway for Deck & Patio

With a narrow area that didn’t get much sun, the home owner of this house in Catonsville, MD knew they had to look at different options on the side of their house to connect the deck and patio.

Addressing the Mud and Grass Growing Issues in this Paver Walkway Design in Catonsville, MD

They contacted Deck Pro for recommendations for their Catonsville house and wanted to know what options they had since the narrow area that led to their fire pit / patio was typically muddy and a trouble spot for entertaining. It was time to come up with a solution. Deck Pro recommended a walkway using pavers to fix the issue with grass not being able to grow on the side of their Baltimore County home.

Patio Paver Walkway Construction

The walkway would create a seamless transition from the deck on the side of the house to the patio to alleviate the muddy area. Since there was a slope, we had to dig several inches down to help level out the walkway for best placement of the pavers.

Outdoor Lighting & Patio Paver Design in Catonsville

We were able to match the paver colors so the walkway wouldn’t seem like an afterthought and it all came together in the end. Path lights were installed to illuminate the walkway at night. Thanks to their versatility, path lights are popular for adding more appeal to this Catonsville home’s landscaping. Finally, two tons of river rocks were added to bring it all together and complete the custom patio design.

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