How Much Value Does a New Deck Increase Your Home?

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How much value does a new deck increase your home?

Any time you upgrade your home or add some features, it will boost your home’s value. But not all home improvement projects guarantee an equal return on investment. So, if you are working on a budget and determining which area of your home to work on next, consider building a deck. We will discuss how much value a new deck will increase to your home.

Other Considerations

Did you know that the return of investment for patios and decks can exceed 100%, depending on the materials and size used? Depending on your region, a deck will affect your home resale value. Potential buyers are willing to spend slightly more on a house with a deck in a geographical area with warm, deck-friendly weather all year-round. Also, your home’s resale value won’t be substantial if it’s located in an area with long winters.

Multiple studies estimate that building a new deck will recoup a percentage of the cost. However, you can earn more than your investment when you put your home on the market if you remove the labor costs from your budget. Make sure also to obtain the appropriate permits and construct a DIY deck to reduce your deck building cost and optimize your return.

Determine Your Home Resale Value Based on Deck Material

The most vital factor in determining the cost recuperation of your deck project is the deck material you choose to use. Plus, composite and wood decking are the two most prevalent deck materials in the United States.

Wood Decks

Wood decks offer the best return on your investment regarding pure home resale value. They translate to a more affordable deck remodeling project while increasing your home resale value to a similar amount in comparison to a composite deck. However, wood decks need regular maintenance to maintain their quality and value for your home resale since they are not resilient to weather impacts.

Composite Decking

On the other hand, composite decking is more expensive and higher in quality than wood decking. The price increase for composite decking reflects the material’s durability, dependability, and timeless nature. Moreover, composite decking is virtually water-resistant to extreme temperatures, rain, and wind. Plus, only occasional cleaning is necessary to maintain composite decking looking like new.

Because of this advantage, many homeowners decide to build their deck with composite material to avoid the commitment of routine maintenance. Furthermore, composite decks are best for homeowners who want a deck they can enjoy for years before selling their home. So, go with a composite deck if you are not selling your house within the following year.

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