Enhancing Your Catonsville Deck with a Roof

deck pro enhancing your deck with a roof

This article will cover all your options when enhancing your deck with a roof in your home.

A deck can transform your home, boost extra living space outside, and increase the overall value of your property. To build a roof over your Catonsville deck, you must link the new roof framing to the existing house. This article will cover all your options when enhancing your deck with a roof in your Catonsville home.

Benefits of Adding a Roof Over Your Deck

Constructing a roof over a deck will transform the area into the best possible outdoor living space. There are many benefits to enhancing your deck with a roof in your Catonsville property, such as:

  • A roof will provide shade and maintain your family dry during wet weather
  • It beautifies the aesthetic appeal of the area
  • Along with screened sides, the roof will keep the bugs away while you relax outside
  • It increases your home’s curb appeal and property value
  • Also, it boosts your property’s square footage with a three-season living room

The ideal time to construct a roof over your deck is during the construction of the deck itself. It’s always possible to integrate a roof to your existing deck by installing additional supports.

Types of Deck Roofs for Your Catonsville Home

Moreover, there are various styles of roofs that you can add to your deck. The style usually depends on your deck’s location associated with your home’s existing roof. Here are the common options for enhancing your deck with a roof:

  • A gable roof is best for slang roofs that are not ideal due to low rooflines. This type of roof is challenging to build because it needs two beams perpendicular to the current roofline.
  • A slanted deck roof is one of the most common deck roofing choices. The slanted roof slopes downward from the current roof. It is supported by the posts and one beam. Also, a slanted roof is more straightforward than a gable roof because it includes one beam instead of two.
  • In addition, a hip roof is a combination of a gable and slant roof. It uses either trusses, rafters, or both in combination to cover a deck. Two posts and a beam support one end. Plus, two more beams link either side to the house roof framing. The rafters connect the beams to a ridge beam, which connects to your existing house framing.

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