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Deck Pro Deck Contractor in Ellicott City

This is where Deck Pro comes in: the best deck contractor in Ellicott City building and repairing decks.

Whether you want to boost your home’s value, curb appeal, or enjoyment, reach out to the best deck contractor in Ellicott City, Deck Pro. For one thing, decks are perfect outdoor amenities for your property. You can always count on us to create a functional outdoor area for your home with a customized deck.

Custom Deck Builder in Ellicott City, MD

With 4 generations of deck building experience, this custom deck builder in Ellicott City can construct a quality deck for your property custom-made to meet your budget and personal style. Adding custom decks from Deck Pro will enhance your backyard and your home’s value. From wood to PVC to composite, we will work with your vision and provide suggestions on what is the best choice for your new personalized deck. We also complete re-decking and deck repairs.

Composite Deck Builder in Ellicott CITY, MD

Composite decks are well known for withstanding weather and insects. Although they need to be cleaned, composite decking doesn’t typically require additional maintenance. In addition, most composite decks do not tend to fade in direct sunlight since their material is UV resistant. Since composite material is wood fibers enclosed in plastic, there is no warping or splintering. Fortunately, new manufacturing of composite decks allows for cooler surface temperatures during the warm weather. Also, composite’s pricing ranges from $32 to $45 per square foot.

Quality Wood Deck Construction in Ellicott City

However, most homeowners search for the appearance of a traditional wood deck. Current manufacturing of composite decks can produce deck boards similar to wood decks. These decks are prone to moisture, leading to rot, cracking, or splinters. For this reason, they need to be regularly maintained as they become older. In addition, they are vulnerable to damage caused by weather and insects. Despite that, wood is best for the heat as it doesn’t become hot to walk around barefoot during the warmer months. Moreover, wood decking’s pricing is between $17 to $25.

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How can you begin now that you know of the advantages that the best deck contractor in Ellicott City can bring to you? Our contact options are simple:

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Once you install your new deck, you can also contact us to build your patios, fences, and screened porch.

Need a Custom Deck in Ellicott City?

Deck Pro has you covered whenever you’re ready to build for your home or business. Call us at 410-984-3272 today to see how we can help with any of your decking, patio, or fencing needs. If you have questions or want to schedule a free estimate, contact us today! You can also follow us on  Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram,  Houzz, and  YouTube to stay updated on our latest products!