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Make sure to contact Deck Pro, your newest deck builder in Ellicott City, for price estimates!

While making a unique space for you and your family to entertain or relax, you should also add a custom deck from the best deck builder in Ellicott City, Deck Pro. Regardless of your yard’s size, your deck space will boost your home’s value and curb appeal.

Ellicott City Deck Builder

Deck Pro provides several deck sizes to select based on the size of your backyard. A small deck typically between 100 to 200 square feet is ideal for smaller yards. Moreover, the average choice for homeowners is a moderate deck of 200 to 400 square feet because usually, there is plenty of room for entertaining. Additionally, there is always the choice of building a 400+ square foot deck for larger backyards from the best deck builder in Ellicott City, MD.

Despite your custom deck’s size, the appearance is what homeowners often look for. Whether it’s natural wood or composite, there are factors to consider for both options:

  • The cost of the deck’s material
  • The durability of the material
  • Maintenance/labor requirements
  • The lifespan of the deck’s material

Composite Deck Contractor in Ellicott City, MD

The advantages indeed add up for composite decking overall in how great they withstand weather, the price, and other aspects to consider when constructing a deck. Furthermore, composite wood is moisture resistant, so they usually don’t require secondary maintenance. Plus, they don’t tend to fade or lighten under the sun because they are UV resistant.

In addition, the price for building a custom deck differs in size and material. Composite wood is affordable in the long term when considering maintenance and replacement costs. On average, this type of wood generally ranges between $32 – $45 per square foot. Make sure to contact Deck Pro, your newest deck builder in Ellicott City, for price estimates!

Quality Wood Deck Builder Serving Ellicott City

Although a wood deck requires more maintenance the older it gets, most homeowners tend to search for the appearance of wood for their custom deck. Now, manufacturing of composite decks can make deck boards that look like wood decks. Moreover, a wood deck is prone to moisture, leading to rot, cracking, and splinters.

A custom wood deck can also not be entirely protected from environmental damage. However, wood is better for the heat as it doesn’t get hot to walk around without shoes during the warmer months. Furthermore, wood decking can last up to 30 years with proper care. Lastly, the average price for wood decking is between $17 – $25 per square foot.

Ultimately, selecting between a wood deck and a composite deck for your Ellicott City, MD home might not be easy. Call the best deck builder in Ellicott City, Deck Pro, today to schedule a free consultation!

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