Composite vs. Wood Decks

In recent years there has been a pressing question for deck owners: natural wood or composite. There are pros and cons for the cost, durability, maintenance/labor and lifespan of both options. The pros certainly add up for composite decking overall in how well they hold up against weather, insects, the price, workability and many other aspects to take into consideration when building a deck. Choosing between a wood deck and a composite deck for your Howard County, MD home may not be easy. Contact Deck Pro today for an expert opinion.

The appearance of a traditional wood deck is what most homeowners are looking for. Current manufacturing of composite decks can create deck boards that resemble that of wood decks. Early manufacturing of composite decks made them appear fake and plastic-y whereas now it is less noticeable aside from the maintenance and upholding of these decks.


A wood deck proves to be more work the older it gets. These decks need to be sanded, sealed, stained or painted, and of course cleaned. They are susceptible to moisture which compromises the integrity of the material creating splinters, rot, warping, and cracking. Additionally, they are unable to be completely protected from damage done by the weather and insects alike. Wood, however, can be better for the heat as it does not get too hot to walk around barefoot in warm weather.

While composite decks need to be cleaned, they generally do not require any additional maintenance. Most come as UV resistant, so they are not prone to fading/lighten in direct sunlight. If they in fact do fade or alter in color, they can be painted. Composite wood is moisture resistant making them less susceptible to weather and insect damage. Because this material is wood fibers encased in plastic there is no splintering or warping of composite. New manufacturing of the material allows for cooler surface temperatures when heated by the sun in warm weather.


Decking comes in a variety of price ranges, depending on size and material. Wood decking can run between $17 and $25 on average per square foot. Composite can run between $32 and $45 on average per square foot. Taking into consideration the maintenance and replacement costs, as well as upkeep materials, generally composite ends up being more affordable in the long run. Wood decking lasts upwards of 30 years if maintained properly depending on the type of wood whereas composite will last upwards of 50 years.

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